General terms and accommodation rules





from 01.02.2017 in the current version valid from 27.04.2022


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General terms and accommodation rules:


     The hotel provides guests with services at the appropriate level.

      Before accommodation in the hotel, the guest has to prove his/her identity with a valid proof of identity (identity card or passport). Only persons of age 18 or above can be accommodated; persons under 18 will be accommodated only when accompanied by a major person.

      Use of the accommodation is granted to persons who are not affected by infectious diseases.


      The hotel has the right to refuse accommodation of the person who is evidently under the influence of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances or  acts contrary to good morals.


      Check-in of hotel guests is posslible from 14:00  on the day of planned arrival. 


      Early сheсk-in is possible after 10:00 but only on the basis of previous written confirmation of the hotel.  Early сheck-in is charged a surcharge of 200,- CZK.


      The guest, who is accommodates before 6:00 A.M., is obliged to pay  the price for whole previous night.


      Check-out is performed from 7:00 till 11:00.  The guest is obliged to hand over room in the state in which he took and return the key to operator.


      Late сheck-out of hotel guests is only possible by previous agreement with the hotel and is fee charged 100,- CZK / hour.


      In case of  сheck-out later then 15:00 the full price for a next night is automatically charged.


      The guest is obliged to pay  the prices for accommodation  and the further services provided for him/her, according the price-list, applicable for the day of her/her arrival, if not agreed otherwise in advance.


      If not agreed otherwise in writing, the hotel bill is payble immediately after submission.


      If not agreed otherwise in writing, the hotel can ask the guest to make prepayment  before the stay, especially in case when the guest uses the hotel services for the first time or in case of shorter stay from one to three nights.


      If not agreed otherwise in writing, the guest is obliged to pay all of the costs for consumed goods or other hotel services, besides the accommodation,  immediately after providing of services. The guest pays for this in cash or by credit card.


      If not agreed otherwise in writing, the guest, staying longer than a week, is paying his/her bill every Friday.


      If the hotel cannot accept payment by credit card for any reason, the guest is obliged to pay all services in cash.

      In the case of agreement about another period for payment  for provided services the hotel makes invoice as confirmation of this agreement.


      If the case of customer's delay with payment, he is obliged  to pay a contractual default interest in the amount of 0,05% of the amount due for each day of delay.

      If not agreed otherwise in writing, the guest  or a person, who made the reservation, is obliged to pay following cancellation fees:

* Should a reservation be canceled on the date of planned arrival, or if the guest does not check in, the hotel will charge 100% of the price for one night for each reserved room.
* In case of a premature departure, which was notified hotel in the day of this departure, the hotel will charge 100% of the price of the one night following the premature departure for every thus freed room.

      In special cases the hotel can supply to the guest another accommodation than originally agreed, but not materially different from the confirmed order.

      In the case if the guest wants to stay longer, but his/her room is booked for another one, the hotel will supply him/her other room.

      Hotel responds for the guest items only if they have been stored in the dedicated place.

      The hotel can  respond for the money and valuables of the guest only if they were put into a bailment against confirmation. Hotel bailment can take over money and valuables  worth up to 50 000,- CZK.

      In case of finding of a thing forgotten by guest after check-out hotel ensures to try to contact gues immediately and the thing will be stored for one month from the date of finding. In agreement with guest hotel will send a thing to give address or make personal handover to person authorized by guest,or it will be stored till the nex arrival of the guest. Things not registered for returning will be scrapped after a month.


      Visitors of the guests are preferably accepted in the meeting premises (hotel bar, hall). Accepting visitors in the rooms is possible only if a visitor was registered in the visit book at the hotel reception, from 9:00 to 22:00. If some visitor will stay in the room after 22:00, the hotel is entitled to charge the price of stay for one night.


      The hotel guarantees to the guest what in case of his/her disease or injury will ensure him/her provision of medical assistance and potential transfer to a hospital. The hotel reception has First aid kit with basic equipment.


      The guest is liable for all damages he/she causes on the hotel’s property according valid regulations and is obliged to report it to the reсeption. In case of discovery of a damage caused by the guest, the hotel reserves the right to demand compensation.


      After coming into the room, the guest is obliged to check room equipment and facilities. If he/she finds damaged equipment or inoperative facilities, is obliged to report this immediately to the reception. Otherwise the detected damage wiil be payed by the guest according to the previous paragraph.


      Guests are strongly order sought to unconditionally comply a ban on smoking in all premises (besides hotel bar). In case of breach of this rule, the hotel will be charge a fine in the amount of 2500,- CZK.


      In connection with breach of smoking ban the hotel reserves the right to demand compensation from a guest who caused this damage.


      In all hotel premises it is strictly prohibited to manipulate with naked fire, pyrotechnics, using of addictive and psychotropic substances, hanging and laying out any items out of windows, storing of perishable food.


      For security reasons, operation of all own electric appliances is prohibited. Exceptions from this rule are electric appliances serving personal hygiene and appliances low power  requirement, serving personal use (notebooks, printers, chargers for camcorders, cell phones and similarly). The guest is liable for using of  allowed appliances and responsible for all damages caused by operating of its.


      Guests are order sought not to move any room equipment and not to carry any interference in the electric network, water distribution system, sewerage and heating without prior consent of the hotel.


      When leaving the room, the guest is obliged to turn off  taps, lights, TV set, close windows and hand over the key  to the reception.


      Guests are order sought to to keep silent hours between 22:00 and 7:00 and not to disturb others. During this period, loud use of radio or television receivers or making loud noise is prohibited. If the guest grossly disturbs the quiet hours regardless prior warnings,  the hotel  has a right to immediately terminate his/her stay. Guests who grossly disturbed public order, and his/her stay have been terminated , are not entitled to a refund.



      For security reasons it is not appropriate to leave children under 10 years without adult supervision neither in the room nor on public hotel premises. The parents are responsible for their children’s safety in all inner and outdoor hotel premises.


      The hotel guests can use the parking place at the road in front of the hotel in case, if parking capacity is not exhausted.  Legal claim for this parking place is not exist. The hotel enables this parking free of charge for its guests until exhaustion of its capacity. Parking place in front of the hotel is only monitored, but it is not guarded.


      The pablic hotel premises are monitored in order to protect safety of  guests and its items.


      Hotel management accepts a guest complaint about quality of provided services by means of  reception or email


      Hotel management or receptionists welcome all guest proposals to improve the hotel services.


      The guest is obliged to abide by this code. In case he/she breaches grossly good manners or breaches this code in some other way, the accommodation facility is entitled to withdraw from the contract of accommodation before expiring the agreed period; this doesn’t constitute any refund entitlements.

      This code comes into force on 27.04.2022 and applies to all accommodated persons.


27.04.2022 in Kladno

Exception to the

General terms and accommodation rules





from 01.02.2017 in the current version valid from 27.04.2022


KONIKSON s.r.o., IC 04432495, Holubinkova 168/4, 104 00 Praha 10, registered in the commercial register of Commercial Court in Prague, section C, insertion 246722,

as operator issues following


 Dogs and other small pets can by stay in the hotel assuming during stay they are no nuisance  and do not disturb guests. Dogs should have a muzzle and be leashed at all public hotel premises. Not allowed that the animals were left in the room unattended owner. Animals cannot lay at the bed or other equipment designated for guests. Dogs and other animals cannot enter to all premises where food is storaged, to premises for preparation and serving of food and drinks. Use of equipment for guests is forbidden for feeding of animals. Walkies are only possible in space outside the hotel (not in the hotel garden). Pet owner is liable for observance of silent hours in the period from 22:00 to 7:00. Tax for stayment of pet is 200,-CZK/night, for big dogs 400,-CZK/night. Price includes VAT.


This exception comes into force on 24.04.2022 and applies to all accommodated persons.


V Kladně dne 27.04.2022